2. Go Behind the Scenes of Your Business

Similar to Stories, Instagram Reels are a great place to highlight your company’s human side. This might include documenting the day-to-day life of your coworkers or what your company’s content creation process looks like “behind the curtain.” Marketing is an essential ingredient in business success – particularly the ability to be heard amongst the noise of social media. Australia is home to some of the front runners in the marketing industry, who’ve been able to help clients get their messages heard. Here we present the 10 Australian marketing agencies leading the way in 2020: @lickyourphone with an audience of over 1.9+ million on their social platforms, LickYourPhone Media are masters in hospitality marketing. Specialising in creating viral word of mouth referrals through effective social media marketing strategies. They’ve proven their stamina for success to big name brands like Coca Cola, Cadbury, Krispy Kreme, Ben & Jerry’s and McDonald’s – and they’re confident they can do the same for your business. Over the years, LickYourPhone Media has built trust with millions of people, who listen when they guide them to unique and memorable food experiences. Their passionate team will connect your brand with hungry customers by executing bespoke social media marketing strategies specific to your business needs. Their highly-skilled team are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience in social and digital media marketing, content creation, influencer marketing and videography. The secret ingredient to their success is their 3-Step recipe to generate results. LickYourPhone Media will help your business stay top-of-mind and tip-of-tongue!”

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